Quainton, Holy Cross and St Mary, Buckinghamshire, **

“Quainton is notable for its monuments. In the south aisle lies the tomb of Richard Linwood erected by his wife. The subjects are recumbent but not in repose.”




Stewkley, St Michael, Buckinghamshire, ***

“An unaltered Norman interior. How Stewkley survived the centuries is a mystery. Perhaps the village was too poor or the population too sparse to merit a new church. Or perhaps the parishioners liked it as it was…The succession of tower arch and chancel arch is breathtaking. The rhythm of zigzag arches, zigzag string course, zigzag ribs to the vault shows a frenzied fascination with this decorative form.”



Studley Royal, St Mary, North Yorkshire, ****

“For those who hold that the Victorians at their best were the equal of the 13th and 14th centuries, Study Royal is a masterpiece…The exterior is in Burges’s familiar muscular style. At night, the silhouette against the sky can seem like a gian rhinoceros, with the tower as its horn. The building is heavily buttressed, the chancel windows enriched and the doors emboldened with splendid Gothic ironwork.”