Warkton, St Edmund, Northamptonshire, **

Jenkin’s book accuses Warkton of “plodding political correctness” for failing to mention the magnificent Montagu monuments in the church guidebook, “instead directing visitors to the graveyard outside, where ‘stones bear the names of the humble village families…'”

But today, after an extensive renovation, guides greet visitors at the door, give tours, and sell books all about the extraordinary set of monuments.





Wittering, All Saints, Huntingdonshire, *

“Wittering has its astonishing Saxon arch. This arch, dated from the mid 10th century, wholly dominates the interior. It was joined in the 12th century by two more arches forming a north arcade. Norman in style they are like tow promiscuous daughters overlooked by a disapproving grandparent. The Saxon arch is not of any obvious family and appears to have been roughly fashioned by masons on the spot. It displays tremendous fair.”