Wentworth, Holy Trinity, Old and New, South Yorkshire

Not on the list, but renowned for its acoustics, which were on stunning display as musicians rehearsed an upcoming performance of Schubert’s “The Shepherd on the Rock.”




Doncaster, St George, South Yorkshire, *

“The huge structure which George Gilbert Scott gave Doncaster after the former church was burnt down in 1853 is unmissable. When seen from the railway or the encompassing motorways it rises over the town centre as majestic as any medieval predecessor…Scott was expected to reproduce the old Perpendicular tower and this he did. But for a mid-Victorian architect, to build the rest of the church in what was to him the debased late-Gothic style was too much. The rest of the church is therefore early Decorated, with Geometrical tracery in the windows.”


Arksey, All Saints, South Yorkshire, *

I should have known better than to seek out churches late on a Sunday afternoon near Doncaster. Sure enough, locked and bolted, but an interesting exterior with Norman and Gothic windows.


Thorpe Salvin, St Peter, South Yorkshire, *

It’s always frustrating to travel all the way to yet another closed church. But on a beautiful day like this in a lovely country town, there are always plenty of photo ops.


Fishlake, St Cuthbert, South Yorkshire, **

“The principal treasure is immediately apparent, a Norman south doorway with few equals in the north of England. It appears to be unrestored and, though eroded, is still evocative.”


Hatfield, St Lawrence, South Yorkshire, *

Another locked church! At least the daffodils are out.


High Bradfield, St Nicholas, South Yorkshire, *

“On a sunny day the view is glorious, enjoyed by the weatherbeaten gargoyles peering from under toppling pinnacles.” And not a bad view on a cloudy day either.


Laughton-en-le-Morthen, All Saints, South Yorkshire, *

“The tower is the glory of Laughton and among the finest in Yorkshire, soaring over the surrounding countryside.”


Silkstone, All Saints, South Yorkshire, *

“Silkstone is spread across a Yorkshire hillside where it bespeaks North Country coal mines, grime and the wrath of God. Bold embattlements defy all corners.”


Tickhill, St Mary, South Yorkshire, ***

“The church is built of the sliver/white limestone familiar in the region. When black it is ugly but when clean, even in a grey light, it has an ethereal quality all its own.”